Company Profile

Personal approach
Successful cooperation is a matter of trustful personal contact. We at PCM attach great value to a direct relationship with our clients. The only persons with whom you will have to deal are the partners themselves. Partners do counsel and execute projects from beginning to end in direct contact with you .Our professional methods enable you and us to react quickly and flexible to ever changing circumstances.

You can put your trust in the knowledge and experience we have built since 1987.
Many projects are carried out by our own partners. They all have over 15years experience in ultimately responsible functions in several organizations.
With this team PCM Consult has every possibility of actually realizing advices or analyses drawn up earlier.
Complex projects are carried out for Governmental authorities as well as for the private sector, profit and non-profit. Projects are realized abroad for international corporations and international financial institutions, like the WorldBank or the European Commission.
PCM Consult’s services include the following specialities:

- organisational restructuring processes
- Start up of new product/market divisions
- Privatisation
- International market orientation, due diligences, quick scans
- Corporate Governance rules and implementation

Areas of expertise
- General management
- Project and program management
- Banking and Finance
- Public Transport

Work areas
The Netherlands, Spain, South East Asia

Assignments and contracts
PCM Consult attaches high value to its responsibility for the execution of projects or alteration processes you as a client trust us with. Over the years we have developed a method of project monitoring by means of which the principal remains directly involved in the proceedings. We record our activities in a transparent and well-organized schedule and a clear consultancy contract. We are used to work according to standards of IFI’s and Governments.

The complexity of many projects entails wide expertise in many different fields. PCM Consult can and will not do everything by itself. If necessary and by agreement with you cooperation will be sought with experts from other leading consultancies. Thereby you can always be sure of complete, high-standard service.

In balance
Realizing results, with and by people. That demands careful preparation of our efforts, be they consult, support or execution. Practical feasibility is of the essence.

This concise information gives you an impression of the possibilities PCM Consult offers you in order to get and stay ‘in balance’. We are always happy to exchange ideas about our approach in a personal conversation with you.